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Beatles in Blue drummer and vocalist Corey Cameron Thompson has recorded and toured with musical acts The Cranberries, Delores O’Riordan, Bill Durst, Dan Brodbeck, Landon Pigg, Jennifer Maclaren, Garnet Rogers, Gord Prior, Steve Rivers, Marshall Dane, Thundermug, Tracey Rice, Kari Townsend, Chris Hart, Gary Macauley. He’s been playing drums professionally since the age of 16 when he toured with his father’s band The Mark V.

Singing and writing his own material, playing guitar and piano, he’s recorded his own outstanding solo album “The Rescue” with producer/ engineer Dan Brodbeck. You can hear Corey on the Cranberries album “Something Else”, on a number of Bill Durst’s releases, on many uncredited country, rock and pop recordings made in Canada, and most recently on “Beatles in Blue”’s self titled first album.

Corey’s total commitment to laying down the groove and holding it all together with passion and energy is something every member of the audience experiences at every Beatles in Blue show.
Corey plays DW drums, uses Paiste cymbals, and Vic Firth drumsticks.